Monday, October 1, 2012


Just in case you're worried I'm not enriching my soul here in Naples...

Free concert in the courtyard of the spectacular Biblioteca Nazionale by Iranian tombak master Mohammad Reza Mortazavi:


And of course (thank you, Jeanne Liotta), the aesthetically rejuvenating and somewhat perplexing Hermann Nitsch Museum:

Here, a selection of the megalomaniacal artist/impressario's aktions are documented "through a process involving the analysis of situations, facts and criteria, both objective and interpretive." It is "a place where the action relics of the OM Theater (Orgies Mysteries Theater), a Gesamtkaunstwerk expression or arte totale related to the psycho-analytic concept of Abreaction, an emotional shock that allows a subject to remove the effects of dramatic events, his course between the smells and colors, the astronomical and botanical excursions take form in an experimental language still in progress." I quote extensively and without revision from the pamphlet, as I don't trust myself to relate what it was I beheld. In any case, it seemed like a fitting place to commemorate the Four Days of Naples.

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  1. I didn't understand what the hell all that was about, but I was impressed anyway.